The Razing of Tinton Falls

Voices from the American Revolution

[I] recommend The Razing of Tinton Falls to teachers. The slim volume would work well in undergraduate or advanced high school courses… In Adelberg’s hands the Voices from the American Revolution speak eloquently indeed.

—  Professor Mark E. Lender for The Journal of Military History

The Razing of Tinton Falls

On June 10, 1779, a Loyalist raiding party landed on the shore of Monmouth County, New Jersey, and advanced unnoticed on the town of Tinton Falls. It captured five leading Patriots and plundered many others. Homes and barns were burned to the ground; stores were looted and livestock driven off. The local militia scattered. That afternoon, as the raiders loaded their barges, a reinforced militia engaged the Loyalists in a battle that climaxed with vicious hand-to-hand combat. Historian Michael Adelberg brings the Tinton Falls raid to life, re-creating the day in the voices of ten narrators based on real people–a child of a Revolutionary leader, a Loyalist officer, a militiaman, a pacifist, a businesswoman and many others–each of whom experienced the day very differently.

Spotlight Review

I was quickly adsorbed, genuinely intrigued, and painlessly educated by this book.

– Sheila Deeth for

Spotlight Review

“Adelberg’s intimate knowledge of the Revolutionary period puts life in his characters and realism in their stories.”

– Randall Gabrielan, Executive Director, Monmouth County Historical Commission

The Razing of Tinton Falls is nothing less than a tour de force of historical writing based on first class scholarship.

– Gary D. Saretzky, Archivist, Monmouth County Archives

“A fascinating peek into a little-known episode in American history.”

 – Marc Schuster for Small Press Reviews

Mr. Adelberg’s command of points of view is amazing–all ten narratives are diverse in perspective, yet still intertwine and inform each other. The Razing of Tinton Falls sets a high bar for narrative history.

– Sally D. Ketchum, author and book reviewer.