A Thinking Man’s Bully: Unstuck in Time, Unburdened by Convention, and Liberated from Fact

Matt Duffy is in crisis. His son, Jack, is a high school bully who attempts suicide after Matt snuffs out a fast-moving teen romance. Outwardly, Matt is fine, but inside he is filled with guilt and resentment. Matt reluctantly agrees to see a psychiatrist who pushes him to explore his fractious parenting and his own bullying past. The result is a collection of Matt’s most outrageous, macabre, and indelible memories. A Thinking Man’s Bully is close up of a man who is not quite lost, but far from redeemed: A man pitted against the growing realization that he has transferred his worst demons to his son.

Saving the Hooker: And the Death of the True Life Love Story

Matthew Hristahalois is a not-so-scholarly scholar. He’s obsessed with the “Hooker with a Heart of Gold” character that keeps turning up in movies like Pretty Woman and The Hangover – the beautiful and kind fallen woman who can only be saved by Prince Charming. Casting himself as Prince Charming, Matthew sets out on a tragic-comic quest to see if real Hookers can, in fact, be saved–a perilous project that pushes him over the edge when he meets a fiery auburn-haired prostitute who calls herself Julia Roberts. 

The American Revolution In Monmouth County: The Theatre of Spoil and Destruction

America’s first great civil war occurred during the American Revolution. Particularly in areas like the Jersey shore, large Loyalist-leaning populations faced off against supporters of the Revolution in long and nasty partisan wars. In his award-winning study, Adelberg profiles the fascinating civil war that occurred in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, New Jersey, during the American Revolution.

The Razing of Tinton Falls: Voices from the American Revolution

On June 10, 1779, a Loyalist raiding party landed on the Jersey shore and advanced unnoticed on the village of Tinton Falls. It captured five leading Patriots and razed the village. In this acclaimed book designed for high school and college students, Adelberg narrates the raid through the eyes of ten real people, each of whom experienced the day’s mayhem very differently.