Other Writings

In 2010, I started reviewing literary fiction for The New York Journal of Books, for which I’ve now completed more than fifty reviews. The NYJB is on two noble missions: One, rekindle interest in the long form review. Two, shed light on all kinds of books, including the challenging material being published by the Indies. I am happy to note that several of my NYJB reviews have been picked up Real Clear books and other syndicators. See below for links to a sampling of my reviews.

Since 2012, I’ve been a contributing essayist to 2Paragraphs.com, a news and opinion site that covers big and small news stories in a two-paragraph mini-essay format. It’s great fun. Before I hooked up with 2paragraphs, I maintained a blog, each month writing an “Open Letter” on a topic that caught my eye. Some of the more popular blogs are archived below.

Check out my Mini-essays at 2paragraphs.com