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20 Years of Research, But Who’s Countin’?

dropcap_Into my 20s, I pretended that I wanted to be a history professor. Generous grad fellowships and a part-time job as the Asst. Librarian and Archivist for Monmouth County Historical Association in Freehold, New Jersey, allowed me to pretend a little longer.

Then one day it happened. While re-filing folders that held the MCHA’s 18th Century documents, I read the hand-written account of a Revolutionary War skirmish in which a militia captain was captured by a party of black Loyalist irregulars. With a little digging, I learned that the Loyalists were runaway slaves exacting revenge on their former masters. I devoted myself to finding more stories like this one, even as my interest in academia was waning.

Twenty years later, I am still fascinated with the many under-explored aspects of civil warfare during the American Revolution.

I am pleased to post samples of my work to this webpage, and link to others. The culmination of much of my research is the award-winning The American Revolution in Monmouth County: the Theatre of Spoil and Destruction. My historical fiction book, The Razing of Tinton Falls: Voices from the American Revolution, falls roughly under the label of narrative history. The book includes historical essays and is ground in my twenty years of research of the American Revolution, but the first-person narratives at the core of the book required some fictionalization.

The American Revolution in Monmouth County

  • “… must rank among the very best regional studies of the American Revolution.” – Journal of Military History
  • … named to the New Jersey Historical Commission’s Top Ten Book List for “New Jersey at War”